Olivier Simonin

Professor in Computer Science
Head of Inria team CHROMA
INSA de Lyon, Telecom. Dept., Université de Lyon, France
Member of CITI Lab.

Keywords: A.I. (decision-making, reinf. learning, multi-agent systems, planning, self-organized systems, bio-inspiration), Multi-robot systems, Swarm robotics, Autonomous vehicles, Simulation.

A short story of my robotics experience:
Pepper humanoid (2016-)
CITI Lab., INSA TC Dept., Inria CHROMA
Autonomous navigation among humans

5th in Robocup 2018, SSL Pepper league at Montreal (LyonTech team)
Parrot Bibop and Crazyflie UAVs CITI Lab. INSA Lyon / Inria CHROMA (2015-) 3D planning, drones cooperation, surveillance, UWB localization

Research and Teaching with drones
Turtlebot fleet : Complex scene mapping
CITI/Liris Lab. Inria CHROMA, INSA, Lyon 1 Coverage, mapping, 3D vision (2014-)

cf. AAMAS'2018, ECMR'2017 pub.
Minirex robots for the French ANR-DGA Carotte Challenge Algorithms for multi-robot mapping (2009-2012), Inria Maia (robot built by P. Lucidarme)

We won the contest ! (2012)

Robots and Sensors of the Intelligent Appartment LORIA/INRIA PAL & CPER Info Situ (2011-2013)
• Wifibot and Intelligent tiles

cf. infositu.loria.fr
"Khepera III" Robots (2007-2012)
Romea project (the interactive table)

• From Box-pushing to Robot-pushing
(Mechatronics 19(4))
• Extension of robots and definition of
the interactive table (ICTAI 11)
• Platooning models and experiments (IROS 11)
Robot soccer (2002-2005)
Supevized platform

• I managed the robotics activity in UTBM-SeT Lab.
"Type 1" mobile robot (2000-2002) Experiments with my PhD. model
(cf. Pub. ICRA 2002)
Robot built by P. Lucidarme at LIRMM

Contact Information

CITI-Inria Lab.
Office: 119
Mailing address: CITI-Inria Lab.
Bat. Claude Chappe, 6 avenue des Arts
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, France
+33 (0)472 436 422 office
+33 (0)472 437 322 lab (Assistant)
+33 (0)472 436 227 lab fax (telling me beforehand)

olivier (dot) simonin (at) insa-lyon (dot) fr

Report problems to olivier.simonin (at) insa-lyon.fr