Olivier Simonin

Professor in Computer Science
Head of Inria team CHROMA
INSA de Lyon, Telecom. Dept., Université de Lyon, France
Member of CITI Lab.

Ph.D., Computer Science, LIRMM-Université Montpellier 2, 2001

A short story of my robotics experience
Pepper humanoid (2016-)
CITI Lab., INSA TC Dept., Inria CHROMA
Autonomous navigation among humans

in CITI Lab.
Parrot Bibop Drones
CITI Lab. INSA Lyon / Inria CHROMA (2015-)
3D planning, drones cooperation, surveillance

Research and Teaching with drones
Turtlebot 2 fleet (2013-)
CITI Lab., Telecom Dept. INSA Lyon / Inria CHROMA
Cooperation, navigation, human interaction

in FIT-CortexLab room
Minirex robots for the French ANR-DGA Carotte Challenge
Algorithms for robots cooperation (2009-2012), Inria Maia
(robot built by P. Lucidarme from LISA)

We won the contest ! (2012)

Robots and Sensors of the Intelligent Appartment
LORIA/INRIA PAL & CPER Info Situ (2011-2013)
• Wifibot and Intelligent tiles

cf. infositu.loria.fr
"Khepera III" Robots (2007-2012)
Romea project (the interactive table)

• From Box-pushing to Robot-pushing
(Mechatronics 19(4))
• Extension of robots and definition of
the interactive table (ICTAI 11)
• Platooning models and experiments (IROS 11)
Robot soccer (2002-2005)
Supevized platform

• I managed the robotics activity in UTBM-SeT Lab.
"Type 1" mobile robot (2000-2002)
Experiments with my PhD. model
(cf. Pub. ICRA 2002)

Robot built by P. Lucidarme at LIRMM
• I defined and implemented an infrared
communication protocol between Type 1 robots

Contact Information

CITI-Inria Lab.
Office: 119
Mailing address: CITI-Inria Lab.
Bat. Claude Chappe, 6 avenue des Arts
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, France
+33 (0)472 436 422 office
+33 (0)472 437 322 lab (Assistant)
+33 (0)472 436 227 lab fax (telling me beforehand)

olivier (dot) simonin (at) insa-lyon (dot) fr

Report problems to olivier.simonin (at) insa-lyon.fr