Provide access to linux GPIO, SPI and I2C using the same kind of API that can be found for micro-controller. It is using linux ioctl for portability and performance (no devmem, no sysfs).

RPI UWB Sniffer

Transform your Raspberry PI into an UWB sniffer. Received UWB Packet are forwarded to the ethernet interface, allowing you to use tcpdump or wireshark.


A distance measurement protocol aimed at a swarm of drones for computing drone inter-distance and maintaining structure.


Distance measurement firmware based on the SPANK protocol. It can be flashed on the DWM1001 dev board. Various information can be accessed/configured using a UART console (through USB port), and it can also be interface with another subsytem using I2C interface (see: spank-extio).


Import GTFS files in a database

Track simplifier

Simplify a polyline using various methods (radial distance, Douglas Peucker, Reuman Witkam, …).