Victor Morel

Victor Morel

PhD Student in Computer Science



Victor Morel is a PhD student at Inria, in the Privatics team.

His research interests include privacy protection, design, networks (such as found in the Internet of Things), and ethics of technology in a broad manner.

His thesis aims to protect privacy by enhancing information and consent in the IoT. Following the recent General Data Protection Regulation, he proposes concrete means for data subjects to gain access on data collection in IoT environments, and to electronically express their own binding privacy policies.

He appreciates sober, hackable, and accessible technology that works.

Besides his academic activities, he cofounded FELINN, an association defending decentralization, privacy, and free software through popular education.


  • Privacy
  • Networks
  • Design
  • Human-Computer Interactions
  • Ethics


  • Ongoing PhD in Computer Science, 2020

    INSA de Lyon - Inria

  • Master Thesis, 2016

    Uppsala University

  • Engineer Degree, 2016

    Polytech' Lyon



CoIoT is an ongoing project to manage consent in the IoT. It is an Android app that enables the definition of user privacy policies, and interacts automatically with IoT devices according to the user’s choices.

Map of Things

Map of Things is a map to visualize devices in the smart city collecting personal data, please mail me for comments or feature request.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

A generic framework for information and consent for the IoT

Presentation of our paper accepted for publication at TRUSTCOM2019

Intervention dans le cadre du projet C.G.U.

Intervention dans le cadre du projet C.G.U., une performance théâtrale à propos des Conditions Générales d’Utilisation des GAFA.

A generic framework for information and consent for the IoT

Presentation of our paper: A generic framework for information and consent for the IoT.

Le RGPD est-il soluble dans le capitalisme de surveillance ?

Au mois de mai 2018, le Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (RGPD) sera mis en application en Europe. Il remplacera la …

Enhancing transparency and control in the Internet of Things

Presentation of our paper accepted for publication at IWPE2018

Recent Publications

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UPRISE IoT: User Centric Privacy and Security in the IoT

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Three Dimensions of Privacy Policies

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A Generic Information and Consent Framework for the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) raises specific issues in terms of privacy, in particular with respect to information and consent. In this …

Enhancing Transparency and Control in the IoT

The development of the IoT raises specific questions in terms of privacy, especially with respect to information to users and consent. …


This year, I teach a full-time duty in Databases at UGA (fr and en).
At Insa de Lyon (2016-2019), I have taught:
Genetic Algorithms and Project Management (fr),
Computer basics: Networks and Security (fr),
Algorithmic and Programming 4 (fr), and Algorithmic and Programming 4 (en).
At Uppsala University (2016), I was a teacher assistant in Database Design I (en).