Mathieu Cunche

Professor, INSA-Lyon - CITI, Inria - Privatics

I am a Professor at INSA-Lyon / Inria, member of the Privatics team hosted by the CITI laboratory. My research focuses on the Privacy Issues associated to the Information and Communications Technologies. I am teaching Computer Science at INSA-Lyon as well as Security and Privacy at the University of Lyon.

Je suis Professeur des Universités à l’INSA de Lyon, membre de l’équipe Privatics de Inria hébergée au laboratoire CITI. Mes travaux de recherche portent sur les problèmes de vie privée associés aux technologies de l’information et de la communication. J’enseigne les bases de l’informatique et la sécurité informatique à l’INSA de Lyon.

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Job opportunities

  • Other opportunities may be available and I am always looking for motivated students (contact via email)


Privacy issues in wireless networks - Every frame you send, they'll be watching you. (02/06/21)


  • Data Inria associated team (Data and Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability) with UQAM
  • SPARTA Cybersecurity Competence Network (H2020)
  • PIVOT Privacy-Integrated design and Validation in the constrained IoT (ANR-BMBF)
  • MAGPIE associate team with UCL : Machine learning and privacy challenges
  • PEPR Cybersécurité -- Projet iPoP (Projet interdisciplinaire sur la protection des données personnelles)



  • BLE Privacy Beacon A tool to transmit information and consent over BLE in the context of IoT
  • Wombat A Wi-Fi tracking system for testing and demonstrational purpose
  • gtk-wifiscanner A graphical interface displaying surrounding Wi-Fi devices
  • OpenFEC project Free, open, AL-FEC codes