Graduated from INSA Centre-Val de Loire, I studied "Security and IT Technologies" where I acquired knowledge about security and hacking methods in computer science. During this engineering school last two years , I learned "Security of Ubiquitous Systems" fundamentals. Currently PhD Student in the CITI laboratory, my thesis dealing with "Preserving Privacy in Wireless Communications of the Internet of Things (IoT)" is funded by the SPIE ICS-INSA Lyon IoT chair. Henceforth, my ambitions are:

  • make the general public aware of the Internet of Things privacy concerns
  • provide society a new vision about malicious uses and misdeeds of tomorrow's wireless technologies
  • design new protection mechanisms for connected objects to prevent users' privacy breaches
  • Current activity

    Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol implemented in most modern connected devices such as our smartphones. My current research focuses on this technology privacy concerns in versions 4.0 and above.

    Keywords : Bluetooth 4.0+, Bluetooth BR/EDR, Bluetooth Low Energy, Privacy, Security

    Last words

    The Internet of Things (IoT) advent will lead to global hyperconnectivity and will affect our privacy if this concept actors do not take into account these new challenges. The protection mechanisms ineffectiveness of our data exchanges against recent attacks has been demonstrated. Thus, the increasing risks proportionally to the connected objects deployment is a reason to seriously consider these new threats in technologies implementation and standards.


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    I am open to any type of discussion, questions, remarks or even collaborations in my research scope.