Application-Specific Arithmetic

Computing Just Right
for the Reconfigurable Computer
and the Dark Silicon Era

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  title={Application-Specific Arithmetic},
  author={de Dinechin, Florent and Martin Kumm},
Application-Specific Arithmetic

About this book

Written by two computer arithmetic experts, this 800-page book with more than 350 figures addresses non-standard hardware computer arithmetic.

See the table of contents on the publisher's page.

Many of the techiques presented in this book can be explored further in the FloPoCo software tool.

The cover illustration is an early application-specific computer: William Thomson's tide predicting machine.


Page 155, Figure 7.5 has a S wrongly placed (*), here is the correct figure:
Page 180, Table 7.2 has two wrong entries (**), here is the correct table: -80 should be replaced with 179 for Dadda and 140 for RA
Pages 456 to 459, all the $2^w_F$ should be $2^{w_F}$ (*).
(*) our mistake (**) introduced during the publisher's editing process.